Toy Box Hinges Advantages


Toy box hinges – Building a toy box for the children is a rewarding project. A box of toys has a very useful purpose in every home. Installing a lid hinge will complete toy box project. Lid hinges are available in all sizes and shapes. Toy box tops need to use a piano hinge which runs the length of the lid.

If will installing toy box hinges on top, don’t forget to measure the distance of the toy box top with a tape measure. Decide whether you want to install hinges on the inside or outside of the toy box. For a cleaner look, you should consider installing hinges on the inside. So that the hinge is not visible when the lid is open.

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Toy box hinges useful for support a counterweight. So, when children open it to pull out favorite toys, the toy box hinges keep it from slamming shut. Self-balancing feature of the toy box hinge holding the lid open to approximately eighty five degrees. So, toy box hinges also can apply to cedar and blanket chests. Toy box hinges come in many distinct sizes and metals.

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