The Cabinet Refacing Cost Calculation


Cabinet Refacing – In a new kitchen, you may need to go with the standard standard door to keep costs within your budget. Reusing the existing frames allows you to pay a little more for a better door if you want without breaking your budget. Expensive doors usually have more aesthetic features such as rounded edges and more intricate designs as well as made of better quality wood.

A helpful tool when measuring the cabinets is to draw a small plan and number of each cabinet. This will help you keep track of how many doors you need and what sizes they should be. This is incredibly good when it’s time to install new doors, especially if your kitchen has some units of different sizes. You do not have to be an artist or make it accurate. Also, using plain paper can help if you want to be correct. Measure each of the existing doors and make a list of how many you need in each size.

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If your kitchen starts to look a little tired, but you cannot afford to replace everything, it’s a good idea to appreciate the kitchen cabinet refacing cost. Transforming the cabinet doors is considerably cheaper than a new kitchen and freshens up the space. Even in case you can afford to replace cabinetry, it’s futile if you’re happy with the design of your kitchen, but just want a new look. As long as the frames are in good condition, you can invest in some new doors and use the savings you make towards a new purchase.

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