Perfect Small Breakfast Nook Ideas


Pick the table and chairs with the function in mind. If you have small children, bench seating will give plenty of space for them instead of using individual chairs. Your breakfast creme can be so small that it only has a table built for two. Cafe style tables with high chairs often fit well in this sort of area. Place seat cushions on the chairs to add comfort and give space in an informal style. Keep patterns and printing in this area small to avoid giving a messy look.

Breakfast nook ideas often tucked away in a small area in your kitchen. Their purpose is to provide a relaxed, comfortable area of the kitchen for an informal family breakfast or a quick lunch. Many families use their mouths for most meals and only use a dining room for large crowds or parties. Making the best of this small space is crucial for creating a comfortable and functional place.

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Keep hanging artwork and furnishings to a minimum to avoid a messy look in your little breakfast area. Use colors in this space that suits or coordinate with them in the kitchen. This makes flow and continuity and makes the space seem larger. Take advantage of hidden storage spaces. As an example, when you have a window seat as part of seating around the table, build a storage space below. Another way to go about is to buy bench seats with hidden storage. This is a great place to keep your space carpets, extra tablecloths and even board games.


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