Perfect Rustic Dresser Drawer


Ideas for make rustic dresser drawer are the assembly of the dresser drawer will be divided into two parts: on the one hand we will make the exterior structure of the furniture and, on the other, the interior drawer. Next, we give mounting adhesive in the holes and edges of the two side pieces and the back. We introduce the tour-billions with the wooden mallet. Once the three pieces are joined into a”U” shape, put the top cover and then the bottom cover. Come now with the drawer.

Since the DM is very porous, we will give a topcoat product before varnishing, thus saving varnish. The next step is to fix the handle to the cabinet for which we will use a screw thread plate. Now we are going to put the lanes in the structure of the furniture. Once the rails are placed, we also put the corresponding pieces on the faces of the box. For the furniture to be mobile we will place four wheels on the base of their dresser drawer, two of them, specifically the front ones, will have a brake. In this simple way we will have finished our dresser drawer.

The assembly of the drawer is the same as that of the structure. We also make the holes to place the handle or handle and the corresponding holes to join the front cover to the drawer. Present the metal piece in the drawer and we mark the points to be perforated, coinciding with the ones we already have in the front of the drawer. We will also cut three equal pieces, from precisely the exact same bar with which we have made the handle, which will serve to separate the handle from the drawer and allow us to pull the handle more comfortably when opening the drawer.


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