Paint Outside Bamboo Window Shades


Male across the grain, and be certain you fill out the bamboo grain of this paint. Wait to dry and applying a second coat, if necessary. Work from the end when you put in the second layer.

Replacing the dividers for pieces of a color that is different is expensive. Painting bamboo shades is a less expensive option. Before painting, pick the colors you want for the blinds. Utilizing paint specifically developed for usage. Exterior paint comprises additives which protect the paint color from exposure to the sun and other elements. If you intend to bring any items or designs into the shades, sketch the design and keep neighboring. Lay blinds and keep the dividers level from the painting procedure.

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Green Your Decor shades painted design added to the peak of the present shadesthan painting shades altogether. Use a brush and a small brush when you add a design, if you leave the or paint dividers another color . Create your design with a brush that is bigger make a sketch of this design for. Return over design fill places, with brush.


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