Modern Window Treatments Solutions For Very Large Windows


Modern window treatmentsVery large windows are double-edged sword. They flood the room with natural light and offer a wide view, it is true, it is also true that the bigger is the hardest window that can be to decorate properly. If privacy is not necessary and the view is fabulous no treatment is necessary. Fortunately, if treatment is desired there are styles available that cover a large window to fashion and accentuate its architectural contribution of the room. Regular horizontal or Venetian blinds for very large not work windows, because the increased size will need blinds too heavy to operate without breaking the chains. Vertical blinds or shutters track panel are available in wood, plastic, fabric or metal and pallets can be removed and replaced to change the look of the room. There are also blind vanes are made available sunscreen; while preserving the view, these provide UV protection.

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Curtains and large scale can be very attractive for modern window treatments. Rods are available tailored to suit the bay, bow and long windows. A very large window panels can be covered with transparent curtains, which should be 1 1/2 times wider than the window for proper fullness. Heavy curtains can be hung on curtains or single, with or without a border. A valance adds elegance and drama to the big windows if made large enough to maintain the proportions; It must be at least 30 inches long at its deepest point.

Solar film can be a wonderful solution for a large window or a wall of the window, as it can provide some protection and privacy without obstructing the view. Solar film which is installed by a professional and usually has a lifetime warranty can protect carpets and furniture from fading and reduce glare in the room. It is available in different shades and degrees of opacity; some films impart a”mirror” look to the outside of the glass, so it is impossible to see in while preserving the view from inside the room.

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