Instructions for Using Click Clack Sofa


Instructions for using sofas Click Clack, push the sofa back all the way forward so that the rear shock absorbers touch the seat cushions. You will hear a click-loud noise, which is the locking mechanism of the sofa release. And then pull the back of the sofa to the level you want. As you pass through the adjustable settings, you will hear the clack noise of the locking mechanism moving.

Push the sofa backrest to the desired position to convert the futon or day bed back into a sofa. Release the back of the sofa once it reaches the configuration you want.

A click clack sofa is an adjustable piece of furniture that turns into a flat day bed or a vertical sofa. Some Click Clack sofas also have adjustable arms. Many manufacturers use the click-clacking system to make their sofas adjustable, so it is not limited to a single brand. The system owes its name to the sounds of the adjustable parts made when changing them.

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