Install Wrought Iron Cabinet Pulls


Use a drill that is the exact same size as the screws you are using the knob or wrought iron cabinet pulls. Keep drill and drilling level without much pressure placed on the cabinet. As it pushes through this will stop the drill bit.

A cabinet drilling template is a sheet of plastic that hangs from the corner of the cabinet. It is covered with holes at various distances from one another and is used to help get the position of the wrought iron cabinet pulls and strip on each cabinet door. Hang the template locate holes or the hole you need to drill and draw out your outline.

Wrought Iron Cabinet Pulls – Drawer knobs and cabinet pulls are typically installed between 2 1/2 and 3 inches in the northwestern corner of the hinged cabinet doors. For top cabinets, this is the corner in the base cabinets, this is the top corner. Knobs and handles installed in a kitchen drawer front center in the middle of the drawer, both side-to-side and top-down. However, there is some room for variation, particularly depending on how they look and the homeowner’s personal preferences.

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