Install A Top Of The Ball Catch Door Hardware Lock


Ball catch door hardware – Primarily, find the place where the ball catch will probably be installed on top of the door. By the edge of the door, measure and mark 2 inches. This label based between the back faces and front of the door. Measure the width and elevation of the barrel at the clasp. Drill a hole (with slightly deeper than the elevation of the ball catch) centered on the location mark. Reduce the ball catch from the pit. Then, with the screws fasten the front panel into the top of the door.

Secure the plate into the bracket. Adjust the ball lock up or down as demanded by turning the ring is placed directly under the ball. Add a corner of the screwdriver in the top of the ring and push it to twist the ring. The door should close without needing much pressure, and ought to be shut without rattling around. Keep adjusting the clasp until the door shuts satisfactory. And the ball catch door hardware was ready to use.

Make another mark on the face of the door frame that marks the center of the door frame, as measured from the front of the door frame to the door stop. Determined by the mark on the bottom of the door frame, drill a shallow hole. Install the ball catch door hardware plate onto the door frame.

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