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Futon covers are available in many different colors and patterns. Choose a cover that will not show dirt easily: you will rarely wash out a futon cover because they are hard to remove and then restore after cleaning. Choose a cover that stains away stains and fluids and is heavy enough to withstand normal wear and tear. Use standard sheets on your futon when sleeping to defend the mattress cover. If your futon is in a high traffic area or gets lots of use of children and pets, consider protecting it with additional furniture throw over mattress cover.

Small futon is becoming more and more popular in homes because of their ease of movement; most design styles, and their highest functionality. Whether used as a bed, a couch, or both, bolsters of latest manufacturing represent an superb value for the dollar, especially for smaller boater. Not all futons are the same, though, and careful research is important before you buy to make sure that the futon of your choice is perfect for you.

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Blue futon mattress,

If you intend to sleep on futon every day, pay a little extra money to get the best possible mattress. A good futon mattress designed for daily use as a sleeping platform is at least 8 inches thick and is made of many layers of cotton around a foam core. Many bargains, sold for under $200, come with standard mattresses thinner than 8 inches and are inferior to the construction. If you have the opportunity to switch to a better mattress, do it. If futon acts as a bed only occasionally, this additional investment may not be necessary.Futon mattress,

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