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Twig cabinet pulls – To bring a natural look to your furniture, then add twig cabinet pulls to your current furniture or new endeavors. Twigs can be found in a variety of shapes and sizes and can be seen in colors that are complementary to coordinate with your second furniture. Whether you’re decorating a log cabin or a den, making twig cabinet pulls will add their eye-catching accents which will be fun for many years to come.

The way to make twig cabinet pulls, find bent twigs which are at least a half inch diameter for your own shelf pulls. The curve ought to be large enough to comfortably fit a finger at least 1 inch wide. Cutting at branch into size, three or more inches for boxes.  Drill holes in each end of the branch that’s 1 size larger than the bolts you wish to use. This will give ample space for the epoxy to fasten the bolts into the twigs. Mix the epoxy adhesive according to label instructions.

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Set the knot on both sides and put the bolts at the holes out. Scrape on any excess glue with a chisel, and let it dry. Set the gorgeous twig cabinet pulls over middle and fix it until it looks the best. Drill the holes so you can add the bolts. Use a tray to fasten any openings and keep your twig cabinet pulls immediately.

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