Ideas for Breakfast Nook Bench from a Church Pew


Breakfast Nook Bench – Measure to the center of the seat on the length of the back. Set the gradient at 45 degrees. Starting from the center point, drag a line to the left, turn the gradient over and drag a line to the right. Start from the back of the seat, cut along the lines, cut the bench in half with the skill saw. Hold the triangular cut-off piece so it does not fall and hit the foot. Remove all clips and place the chairs on the floor. Set the skill of the saw blade to 45 degrees.

Tip the bench over the seat side down on the buckets. The supports in the church bench should stick straight up into the air. Place a clamp under each sawbuck clamp the seat to the saw the horses. Remove all screws from all. Take the support and pew back. Set the skill saw in 90 degree and adjust the depth of the blade to cut through the seat. There is a 15 degree angle on the back of the seat where the rear screws on the seat. Turn on the saw and trim along the back of the seat trimming the angle at the back of the seat adjust this to the square.

Sometimes churches renovate and sell their old church benches to the public. The length prohibits use at home, but you can disassemble them and make them fit into the corners of your home, create a breakfast place.

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