Ideas Chalk Paint Kitchen Cabinets


Like a regular blackboard, chalkboard paint allows you to write over it with chalk and erase. When you start decorating your kitchen, at first everything is new and beautiful, but when time passes those new items and accessories that adorned your kitchen begin to deteriorate, is the case of kitchen cabinets, these at first the painting is new, with a unique and pleasant shine, but when the time passes, the humidity, the sun and other factors cause it to lose its color.

Most of the cabinets are made of wood, but you have to take into account what kind of wood it is, what they use most of today is melanin, this material is made from the waste of the wood when cut, like sawdust. It is also very common to use wood such as cedar or mahogany, this type of wood is very good and durable and needs a unique care, so the paint that you put, you have to be perfect, without having some mistakes.

But when it comes time to make some adjustments throughout the house, you get to the kitchen, and you realize that the cabinets are very unpainted. Then it’s time to make some adjustments and make that kitchen is as in the beginning, good, nice and nice.

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