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Adding chic elements in a kitchen of including hammered accent tile backsplash made of solid ceramic or natural stone tiles. Modern kitchen with simple lines and color schemes that are neutral pairs well with sleek stainless steel or brushed steel or nickel plates incorporated into countertops or backsplashes. Metal plates are best suited for low-traffic areas and are not recommended for floors or walkways.

One way to incorporate an accent tiles without experimenting with color is rather experiment with texture and materials. Even laminates, ceramics and stone are the most common materials tiles, accent tile backsplash of metals that are different also add color and texture variance of tiling work.

Accent tile backsplash are also a way to incorporate a design theme in flooring backsplashes. For example, is a country kitchen with a white tile backsplash little color as the tile pattern contains the square of toile tiles. Contemporary or modern spaces often consist of muted color schemes that include black gray and white tiles. Squares or incorporate rows of colored glass tiles in kitchen backsplashes and tub surrounds. Choose jewel-tone tiles like ruby, emerald or sapphire to create a striking visual effect of a natural stone shower surround or kitchen counter. Glass tiles are also useful for designing parts of the tiles around the sink counters and backsplashes.

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