How To Install Magnetic Window Shades


Inspect this package’s contents. Since the hardware to get different from hardware shades, make certain to look at this package’s contents you have the hardware before you begin installing your shades. Protection cover magnetic nuances and follow along. The attractiveness of installing magnetic shades is that it doesn’t require tools such as power drills and screwdrivers. If you believe that your operation is off, then adjust the mode till you’re happy with the shadow installation.

Magnetic window shades – Simply because a window is situated at a steel door or metallic wall, it doesn’t mean you need to refrain from dressing up with window treatments. All you need to do is to buy and install a magnetic window color if you want to add a mirror from your window.

Many magnetic window shades have outside mount hardware, making the measurement process easier. Limited by the diameter of the window frame, measure the bracket requires dimensions. Outside mounts pliable as it lets the degrees of freedom. Determine magnetic shadow span. Most magnetic color manufacturers produce two standard sized shades, 40 inches and 68 inches. If not one of these lengths which fit your window, you want to set a special order.

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