How To Install Grey Bathroom Floor Tiles


After unscrewing the nuts, remove the toilet and pay for the flange opening to install grey bathroom floor tiles. Now you can begin removing the old flooring. If you are removing individual tiles, carefully pry each piece up and be careful to avoid injury from broken tiles. Vinyl flooring will be easier as it peels up in massive strips. You’ll have to remove the old adhesive completely to be able to create a smooth, even surface for your new bathroom floor tile. When you’ve completed removing all of your old tiling, you’re going to want to mix the adhesive, also known as thin-set tile mortar. Don’t mix too much at a time because you don’t want to end up wasting the mortar that has dried before you’re done the job. Replace your tile flooring a little bit at a time to be certain that the results are right and even.

Place your grey bathroom floor tiles individually onto the floor and press them firmly in place to eliminate any air between the tile and mortar. Install the largest tiles first. Cut tiles to fit around the toilet drain pipe and in any other unusually-shaped location and set them to adhere. Once all of the tiles are in place, apply the grout. Thoroughly fill the joints with the grout and get rid of the excess as best you can. Don’t worry if grout gets on the surface of the tiles because it can easily be removed with a wet cloth or sponge once it has dried. Allow the adhesive and grout to dry for a couple of days before applying any kind of grout sealer. The sealer will help maintain the look and integrity of the grout. Reinstall the toilet and you’re ready to enjoy the new look of your bathroom.

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How To Install Grey Bathroom Floor Tiles – Having a great plan and the proper tools, however, it doesn’t have to be difficult. You can add interest to your bathroom easily with new grey flooring by following these simple tips. One thing you may need to do, especially if you’re removing old vinyl flooring, is to temporarily remove your toilet. You will have to turn off the water at the shut off valve point and flush the toilet to remove the remaining water from the bowl and tank. Dry the bowl and tank and then disconnect it from the water feed.

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