Good Mexican Tile Backsplash


Mexican tile backsplash are plates ranging from earthy to Saltillo terracotta brightly handmade pottery Mission and Talavera tile. Each of these Mexican tile varieties are similarities of Spanish and warmth, color charm that will brighten up your home, patio, deck or pool. Saltillo tile contains handmade in earth, raw clay and oranges. Saltillo provides warmth and rustic charm but can be patios. Saltillo also looks great in French country style sunrooms or kitchen, add touches of texture and warmth.

Mission and Talavera Mexican tile backsplash are painted ceramics marked with bright colors and eye-catching design. Mission tiles are handmade with marble dust and Portland cement. Mission tiles are usually purchased in batches and can be an option for space or a construction.

Saltillo Mexican tile backsplash has drawbacks, however. Made for hot climates, will Saltillo not endure the harsh winters outdoors. Saltillo is also porous, so it is prone to flaking and breakage unglazed. It can stain easily and can also be tricky to clean because of its nature that is porous. The ideal way is to seal the tile using a non-metallic sealant, or buy it pre-sealed. Saltillo resealed sometimes, but this process will light up the tiles and revive your floors.

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