Front Living Room 5th Wheel By Shelton Industries Inc


He ceased making the vacationer but their products may be found available and in use. Shelton made its cyclists with the specifications to the trailer; the buffet signifies a variant of the front living room 5th wheel.

The 1988 Camper vacationer measures with a weight of 1,275 lbs. The shop has room for four people. Its arrangement is made of aluminum. The plan of the caravan has a living space of a flat that is the rear of the van. Beyond the caravan there is a staircase near the door that offers access into the roof.

1 side of the living room includes a sink with a stove and refrigerator . On the other side are the chairs and table for meals and other tasks. For 1988, as well as the Camper vacationer, Shelton Industries vacationer he fabricated a front living room 5th wheel. This unit is a version of the home. It sleeps four people has air conditioning and can be equipped with a full kitchen with a refrigerator microwave and stove burners.

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