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A sunburst curtain will diffuse light and can be customized to suit your window. Plastic tubing, creating easy to bend around window opening, rod is inserted into pocket of upper edge. Drapery cord inserted in opposite house, keeps collector of sheer material in middle. A large rosette (fabric designed to look like a rose) composed of same material as big blind and located in center of curtain finishes processing.

Simulate colored glass by means of a specialty paint intended for that purpose. Apply paint that you can get your community hobby shop directly to window. Simulated leading outlines that were liquid stained glass paint. Sketch a design on paper first. Tape designed on outside of window (with design facing interior ), so you can use it to track design. Clean window then apply leading first. When paint dries, complete design with glass paint colors of your choice.

Half circle window shades – circular windows create a dramatic design statement in a home. They can, however, present a challenge when it comes to window treatments. When planning ways to create privacy for its circular windows, look for treatments that do not hide the way. You must not sacrifice visual appeal by picking the options that work against you instead of with the architecture.

For a dramatic look, buy wooden designed specifically for the circular windows. Blinds come in fourth round sphere forms, which would have four out of a window; when open, the shutters create a dramatic form like a flower. You might also find blinds that cover half of the window to open on top or the sides and bottom. If you wish to keep the focus on the window, select shutters painted the exact same color as the wall or on the seat.

When you are interested in a simple, elegant way to pay a circular window, use half circle window shades made specifically for a circle. You may select colors that cover the upper and lower halves of the window, bending at the center during the day. For a more aesthetic appearance, find window shades angled fan out from the center line of the window; you can adjust the angle of each shade to create interesting angles.

Wood blinds can be tailored to fit dimensions of window. Treatment constructed of medium density fiberboard, which is a durable wood product, resists warping cracks and break-in contrast to conventional wood. These customized treatments come in slat burst bow sunburst arch, arch that is movable and black-out arch styles. Arch blinds in particular, complement Palladio windows, having a central arch over two narrow rectangle windows. You can get custom made blinds made to cover all parts of This Sort of window

Elegant dressing a half-moon window requires creativity or sometimes custom window treatments. Half-moon windows-called eyebrow arch windows-add architectural interest over a French door, a high window or even placed alone in a room. These windows are a decorating challenge is worth effort. A pleated shade offers an easy, non-custom means to dress a half-moon window. Shadow comes in 48-inch and 72-inch sizes. It sits in a plastic holder that is clear and looks like a giant fan. Temporary arch pleated shades-made paper offers an economic coverage. More permanently pleated shades made of-fabric-is another AlternativeHalf circle window shades,

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