Do Not Use Soap On The Parquet Flooring Tiles


For varnished parquet do not recommend soap. But do not recommend a whole lot of water. Green Hour allows water dissolves better up and withdraws more into the wood. This means that if you have small cracks in the parquet flooring tiles, water can seep and damage any wood underneath, or the parquet itself. If you are only using a small drop of soap in the water and dry well up afterwards is not really dangerous.

Parquet flooring tiles – Many love the clean scent of soap. But it is not sensible to use the viscous nature of the white and green bottle over the house. If soap is good for your floor or not, all depends on what type of flooring you have. Lacquered parquet is among the floors that cannot tolerate soap very well.

However, most timber indeed a fantastic dash of soap in order to get a lot of smell. When you get a very basic solution that works stronger. It’s not good for the parquet flooring tiles. Recommends rather dry cleaning. In locations where you need to remove stains, such as the kitchen floor. It is best to take a neutral detergent, such as Zale, in the water, and dry well up.

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