Decorate A Leather Living Room Sets Style


Use a lighter shade of brown in throw pillows on your seating with leather living room sets. Start looking for suede or a lighter shade of brown leather accent pillows. Line a cheap serving tray with brown leather hide material to place on a stool. Accessories with brown leather accents. Framing a picture in leather covered photo frame or cover some Styrofoam balls with leather scraps to make an eye-catching display in a wooden or glass bowl.

Do a drama wall that mimics the rich leather grain. Apply crinkled brown paper over the wall surface with a glue or decoupage glue and let dry. The outcome will be a rich, sparkling wall surface that looks like real leather.

Leather living room sets, use of leather to create comfort in the home goes back to the caveman. Early man realized the natural toughness and hot tanned hide and attraction to leather continues to this day. Picking a leather focal point, such as a sofa or accent room with leather accessories and accent pieces.

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Decorate leather living room sets, Top black stained wood flooring with a hand woven leather rug. Craftsmen take strips of brown leather and unite them into a shag-like carpet. The result is a soft, warm leather floor coating. Place a brown leather sofa, love seat and chair in your living room.  Top an old end table with natural brown leather hide.  Cut remnants of leather in five of five inch squares in several shades of brown to stack on a coffee table to use as drink coasters.

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