Curved Window Curtain Rod Installation


Third steps to window curtain rod installation is measure from the top edge of the vessel on both sides of the shower with a tape measure to guarantee that the screw marks are at exactly the same height on both sides. Fourth drill holes with a drill bit that is 1/4-inch for bracket screws. For sheetrock, insert a Phillips screwdriver a decorator turning it clockwise until it is flush with the wall, press and anchor it into the pilot hole. Repeat for all screws.

Second mark on the wall where the brackets are attached with a pencil. The position of three inches closer to the shower wall than there right rod was installed – this compensates for the basket while being able to tuck the ends of the curtain in the bath. Place a bracket of your characters and push a pencil point through the empty screw holes where their pilot holes will be drilled on the wall to mark.

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For tile, using a glass / tile 1/4 inch drill bit. Fifth attach the brackets to the wall. Sixth place the curtain rod into brackets, after all manufacturers’ instructions. Last tighten all screws. Your installation was done.

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