Charm Rustic Shabby Chic Living Room


Rustic shabby chic living room – shabby chic style is an eclectic mixture. While keeping up a mood, look unites some country farmhouse and cabin touches. Topics within an shabby chic design consists of slipcovers over seats, white wooden furniture and accents on windows, tables and couches.

A coffee table with foliage and end tables designs add a touch of charm Hang paintings and decorate windows with lace drapes on wooden curtain poles. Doilies lamps and vases that are hand-painted decorate shelves and tables. Put a vase dresser and a rug and decoration to add a touch together. Hang pastel drapes out of wood curtain sticks that are white to create decorative accents round windows.

Cover sofas with slipcovers in colours and patterns to match style and chairs. As an instance, pay your bed with a rose pattern slipcover in green, pink and crimson and an armchair with a slipcover; as they share some of colours, patterns match each other.

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