Bold Colored Turquoise Bar Stools Today


Turquoise is a bold color! Can you imagine to have turquoise bar stools in your place? Materials are metal, wood and acrylic that popular today. As we know that coastal or nautical theme is represented by the color. If you have beach home or at least nautical themed kitchen, choosing to have the stools will be interesting. Imagine the mixture of white and turquoise! Exotic look and feel can definitely be enjoyed for kitchen atmosphere that was much more interesting.

I prefer to call them teal bar stools. Turquoise bar wood bar stools are popular lately. Yeah, using old barn wood that painted in turquoise color can be a terrific project to diy in your weekend. Or you can also get the stools at nearest stores such as Target. The price is not too steep but even affordable.

Acrylic turquoise stools are lighter than the wood and metal versions. They are cheaper too but can be durable just without any maintenance whatsoever. Stackable designs make the acrylic stools can be moved to other places when not need. Saving space is possible and easy with the acrylic stools.

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Metal stools painted in turquoise! Can you imagine how they look like? It is absolutely unique. If the idea is too much for you, then choose real metal finish with turquoise leather upholstery. This is more possible.

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