Beveled Subway Tile On A Wall


Beveled subway tile are not for subway stations. Although these ceramic or porcelain tiles were named in 1904 after the opening of the New York City subway, they became a common feature in the bathroom and kitchen. Today these classic tile undergoing a renaissance as homeowners rediscover their durability and attractiveness. Although beveled subway tile vary in size and weight, the tiles of a square average of about 1.8 pounds and is often used for the walls.

The original subway tiles were glazed white ceramic. Generally 3-by-6 inches, tiles decorated walls of the original New York subway stations. Before World War II, decorating trends found subway tile installed in residential and commercial kitchens and for bathrooms. In the postwar period, other types of ceramic tiles came into fashion, but modern subway tiles are back in vogue. No longer limited to glazed white, today’s subway tile are available in myriad colors and patterns.

Today beveled subway tile sizes include the original three-by-six-inch type, along with the 4-by-4 inches and 6-by-6 inches. While the classic Victorian era subway tiles were bricks, today’s subway tiles come with beveled or straight edges. Installing the subway tile in staggered sections, like a brick wall. Prices are comparable to other kinds of ceramic tiles and the like. Many tile retailer or home stores sell beveled subway tile.

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