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Take action: If curtains will be collected on both sides must calculate space not only window but also what will occupy curtains collected on sides.

Place separated about 10 or 15 centimeters of window bar. Draw a straight line and level meter marking some points where fastening points will find bar, which must be from window frame. Drill marked points, plugs and screws placed curtain. Then you can put curtain properly centered. If you put in wall or ceiling you should not leave more than 10 feet away with window wall. Remember weight and that dimensions of condition type of screws and plugs as well as number of carriers that need curtain.

Window curtain rods – Every room should be an intimate place that is completely isolated from outside of home, which is essentially achieved by placing curtains on windows of house. You must choose attachment point of curtain: rails and Bars can be placed in same window wall in adjacent and even on ceiling.

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Window curtain rods make the most of the views and can create a focal point for the room, flooding it with light. Bay windows can be awkward at times, but with a little effort is a beautiful addition to any design scheme.

Window curtain rods window seat

As bay windows have openings on all sides, they create a pleasant corner. They are a great location for activities that need benefit or lighting from the ability so they are excellent for desks and dressers. Being able to look up from the computer screen you’re good for your eyes and apply allows you to see the colors more vivid.

Use space

You might think the track curtain is the only option for the windows, because it can be bent to the dimensions of space, but there are a curtain rods and poles that do the very same thing. Curtain rods made thicker more luxurious’ effect . Imagine having your dinner table at bay with chandeliers that are further into the room and plush curtains draped from stainless steel pole or antiqued metal. Stems can be bent into any shape, whether you have a square or round the bay, and is suitable for curtain holes or rings are more traditional. Curtain pole should support regular basis when they are used in a bay window, but its clever design means the brackets can be moved past by the ring easily.

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Adding some seating is a wonderful way to use the space. A window seat fit exactly into the space create a romantic area is remote but give the scenery and the warmth of the sun.

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