Best Places for Murphy Bed IKEA


Murphy bed IKEA for an excellent solution for overnight guests. When used to save space in tight inner city studio apartments, they are currently smart additions to all homes, especially one that has overnight guests streaming through. Modern design ideas have opened up a world of possibilities for Murphy bed storage so that they can be in almost every room in the house, and also find uses in daily life.

Guests often sleep on the couch in the living room, but a Murphy bed gives them extra comfort, and easily sleeps two adults. There are models that hide in built-in cupboards and shelves, with rolling bookshelves that make the most use of space when guests are not in town. For a little more expense, there are models hiding from the ceiling and can be lowered to the desired height, so you can hold a couch and coffee table below.

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A trendy Murphy bed in the foyer of your house looks like a great piece of wood furniture, but can transform into a comfortable bed for overnight guests. Because there is often not much room in a foyer, a single size Murphy bed is a great pick. Put your friend’s child to sleep here because he will need less privacy. For more functionality, there are Murphy beds that hide bunk beds behind an unassuming facade.

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