Adjust A Slow Close Door Hinge Bracket


For hinge to work properly, but it ought to be adjusted. These hinges are equipped with a PIN code to use while you make adjustments. Do not pin, use a finishing nail.

To adjust a slow close door hinge bracket, close the door and insert the voltage handle on the cover of the hinge. Or in the hole in the slot adjustment on the front of the hinge, depending on the kind of your slow close door hinge. Turn the tension lever until you can place the adjust pin loosely into the hole on the side of the slot adjustment. Open the tension on the tension lever and allows the adjustment pin to rest against the edge of the slot adjustment.

Opening and closing of the to adjust a slow close door hinge bracket. If you need to continue to make adjustments reinstate tension lever and turn left again. Remove the alignment pin and place it in the hole furthest to the right in the slot adjustment. Allow pin to rest against the edge of the slot again and test the door again.Slow close door hinge,

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